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Maintaining and After Braces

Cleaning or maintaining braces can be tough but with a little discipline and direction it will be a breeze. Nothing can beat going to the dentist to get proper cleaning. Here are the dos and don’ts of braces maintenance


– Stay consistent on checkups – Brush and floss after every meal


– No hard candy
– No soda- Nothing chewy

These guidelines might seem very hard for anyone with a sweet tooth or forgetful nature, but trust the process!The more you stick to the guidelines, the more effective your braces will be. Trust your orthodontist, your
orthodontist knows best.

1st year – retainer check ups every 3 months
Important to check on the shifting or effectiveness of retainer
Post 1st year – once a year check ups

Helpful Tip: a waterpik is actually better and easier to clean in between teeth with braces.

Comment below if you have any follow-up questions. Have a great day!
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