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Self-ligating Braces Why or Why Not?

When deciding upon a dental alignment treatment, it can be confusing and time-consuming. One can easily get lost in the piles and piles of research into making the right decision.
Self-ligating braces? What are those? Self-ligating braces are braces that do not require elastic bands or metal ties.
The braces have a door mechanism that opens and closes to secure the wires that align the teeth.

Well, how are self-ligating braces compared to traditional?


– Easier maintenance
– Fewer appointments
-Faster treatment results
– Less discomfort

– Less precise with tooth movement
– Cannot treat severe bite issues
– More expensive ($1000+)
– Insurance might not cover all cost
– Noticeable

These points are something to consider when planning out treatment with your Orthodontist! Book your FREE consultation at Happy Braces by calling 855-551-4555!

Comment below if you have any follow-up questions. Have a great day!

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